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Posted on: October 8, 2006

WARNING: Pictures intensive post!!!

Remember the Taiwan Porridge from Hougang? It’s really nice! Picture below. ^^

Yummy Taiwan Porridge.

Pics we took on the bus back. ^^

On the bus, on another day. In my new specs!

Chinese Garden – World of Wonders

Look at the crowd.

The Eiffel Tower. We had to ask an Indian guy to help us take, and I must commend him on his photography skills!

The lanterns hanging everywhere. I think they’re pretty.

Spinx and pyramids. I’m at Egypt!

Dragon and phoenix~

We saw a group of GORGEOUS men infront of this lantern. They were all wearing sashes, maybe they were participants of Mr World? Too bad, no pictures of them. =X

Another pretty lantern. I forgot what this is supposed to be. =X

The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It looked pretty straight to me.

Whoa, check out what it’s made of! Pretty!

Big insects~ Cute!

The pretty rainbow bridge~

Huh? Heehee. Took this after I called him.

I love the bridge~ So pretty!

Us on the bridge. One of our many self taken shots. ^^

The “palace”. Heh.

The “concubine”. Or maybe princess sounds better. LOL.

The “brave general”, bodyguard of the princess. Heehee. =X

There was a surprise inside here. I never knew that there was something like this in Chinese Garden.

A turtle and tortoise museum, which holds the Guinness World Record of having the largest collection of turtles and tortoises. Over 3400!

$5 for one adult admission ticket. We paid up and in we went.

LOTS of fake turtles. Got some very cute ones.

Even a Happy House one!

And one made of golden lotuses. Wow.

Now for the real ones~

And a two headed turtle!

Check out the two heads. One at the top right, one at the bottom right. Cool man…

A fed the turtles at the pond, they seemed so hungry.

Scary lor, so many of them!

Here comes the food!


Ok, that’s all the food you’re gonna get from me for today. Oh yes, A’s carrying my bag for me. Hee.

After we exited from the museum, it’s back to the lanterns! We haven’t finished seeing all the lanterns yet.

Another pyramid like structure. I forgot what it’s supposed to be again. ><

The world is in my hands! Actually, no lah, just this beautiful lantern. Hee.

Check out this huge lantern display on the pond. Very beautiful~ Especially during the night time. ^^

Me. I was blinking, that’s why I’ve got kuku eyes in this picture. ><

Our many self taken shots. We were trying to get a picture of us and the lantern behind.

Not very successful leh.

Try again.

Still cannot!

Then walked around, and we found a perfect spot to take the picture. Hee.

Yeah, finally!

Time for a drink. A, at the vending machine. I asked him to pose for this picture. Haha.

Another candid pic. Hee.

The Taj Mahal. Beautiful!

Pandas at Chinese Garden! Lol.

Continued walking and we saw this guy selling malt candy. But not just any old malt candy. It came in the form of a bird!

He was drawing with the malt candy! Cool man! Very pro!



Colour dough characters.

A picture of the pagoda. We didn’t climb it, as we were too tired. ><

Cute tiger mascot! Funny thing is, he was wearing slippers and we could see. LOL. But it’s not in the pic. xD

Next post!


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